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 Sustainability Innovation Consulting Services

Our Mission: Sustainability News & Entertainment™ is the radio and internet platform for developing and encouraging visionaries of all ages to come together from very diverse backgrounds and thinking, to share their visions, needs and solutions for creating a global collective for a sustainable planet™. We are all in this together!

Vision: To bring the greatest thinkers and doers on the air to talk about the latest innovations that improve the sustainability of our planet.  Create and moblize "Solutionary ACTION" within the leaders in Business, Federal Government, Sports, Entertainment, Cities, and our youth.


  • Sustainability Motiviation Speaking Engagements "Get you team fired up to embrace Sustainability as a lifestyle!"
  • Business Sustainability Integration and Mobilization for innovation
  • Sustainable Product Development in R&D through Technology Transfer
  • Strategic "Connect the Dots" Public Private Partnership Development & Deployment
  • Sustainability Management System development for Business, Cities, Federal Government, Entertainment, Sports & Schools
  • Sustainability Business Consulting
  • Green Product “Go to Market” Strategy Support & Consulting
  • Environmental Cause Marketing
  • Corporate Innovation & 2050 Business Consulting “Sustainable Business Positioning”
  • E-Networking Support for Business and Personal Growth
  • "Jump out of the box to our sustainable future" Ideas to market consulting

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The Power of Passion, Connection, Collaboration, Ideas and Solutions for our Planet.

Sustainability News & Entertainment™ works collectively to create solid public and private partnerships for a sustainable planetary change by bringing together the Federal Government, Next Generation Visionary's, Military, State Officials, City, Academia, Medical Professionals, Trade Schools, TV & Film Stars, The Entertainment Industry, Water Researchers and Film Makers, National Smart Grid Engineers, Climate Change Task Leaders, Corporations to connect, discuss, and focus on environmental, economic, and social sustainability issues facing the planet.

GXT Green’s Earth Day 2012 Honor Roll Recipient
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