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Ed Weisberg, our Senior VP of Marketing and Business Development, was recently interviewed on the Sustainability News and Entertainment Radio Network, which is syndicated and broadcast nationally.

As a guest of the show, hosted by Diana Dehm, Ed talked about the roots of GXT Green, the excitement brewing around ECOgrade degradable shopping bags, as well as GXT Green’s Earth Day Honor Roll initiative. Click Here

Dan Smolen, Author and Founder of The Green Suits, Appearing on Sustainability News and Entertainment Radio

At 10AM Eastern Time this Saturday April 14, I will be host Diana Dehm’s guest on her show, Sustainability News and Entertainment. The show airs on WSMN Radio in Nashua, New Hampshire and may be heard via the station’s website. In case you miss the Saturday airing, you may listen to the rebroadcast Sunday, April 15 at 10AM Eastern Time, or, listen to the podcast.

Diana and I discuss the current state of green business career development and how talented and purpose-driven executives may use their knowledge, skill, and experience to successfully pivot into “green” careers. We talk about “skill-based volunteerism”–a truly great and noble way to add greenness to a professional résumé–and much more. Click Here


Talking Trash

The Sustainability News & Entertainment for the Planet channel (formerly Radio Green) has issued a five day challenge called “Trash on Your Back.”

That’s right. For one week Sustainability News proposes you carry all of your garbage with you, wherever you go – to explore how much refuse your lifestyle produces and how to cut back.

The scheme – scheduled to take place April 22 to 27, 2012 – is a repeat of a 1980s experiment, which was spurred by student activists at New Hampshire’s Dartmouth College. At the time, the environmental movement was just gaining steam and recycling was still a new concept. But then-undergraduate Drew Jones said, “We wanted to bring it to a higher level.” Click Here


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