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The Team

Diana Dehm, Host

Host, Sustainability News & Entertainment™ Radio Show & Expert Sustainability Correspondent and CEO Sustainable Business Partnerships™, LLC

Tassos Polydoros, Director of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

Tassos holds his BS in Environmental Management & Policy and is an active member of U.S. Green Building Council.

Christine Soboleski, Director of Sustainability Communications  

Christine holds her BA in Sustainability & Society and is an active member in various sustainable food system organizations.

Advisory Board

Ret. Admiral Len Hering, US NAVY

Rachelle Carson Begley, Actress & Environmental Advocate

Lynn Frank, Ret. Director of Energy, State of Oregon

Jim McGrath, CEO US Green Schools Network

Cameron Wake, PhD, Director Carbon Solutions New England, University of New Hampshire (UNH)

Andrew Jones, Co-Director Climate Interactive, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Dr. Bill Cooper, Director Urban Water Research Center, University California, Irvine (UCI)

Jurriaan Kamp, Editor-in-Chief, ODE Magazine & ODE Wire


All About Us

Diana Dehm, Host

Host, Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio Show & Expert Sustainability Correspondent and CEO Sustainable Business Partnerships™, LLC

Diana Dehm is the CEO of Sustainable Business Partnerships™ (WBE, SBE, & DBE Certified Company). She is the Founder of “The Great Thinkers Forum, A Global Collective for a Sustainable Planet™” and Founder, Producer, and Host of Sustainability News & Entertainment™ Radio.  Sustainability News & Entertainment’s™ goal is to bring awareness around the new green economy, and drive improvement towards social and environmental impact on the planet. Diana believes “People are the heart of driving change” and that “We are all in this together” in support of our next generation.  She also believes that your innovative voices, ideas, and solutions will drive the sustainable difference on the planet.  Sustainability News & Entertainment™ turns up the volume and puts a voice behind green consumer products, green public-private partnerships, sustainable technologies, clean water, renewable energy options, green jobs and so much more, with a focus on our next generation. You walk away with a better understanding of opportunities, risks, choices, and the tools for making a green difference on the planet.

Diana’s technical experience includes 20 years of corporate sustainability innovation, collaboration and integration on the global scale; environmental, health & safety (EHS) regulatory compliance and systems integration; international consortia development and implementation; life cycle assessment; energy and water management; green IT; business case integration; global marketing/branding and “go to market” strategy consulting for Fortune 500 companies.  She successfully assisted in launching Hewlett Packard’s Green IT initiatives in 2008 within the public and private sector, and continues to work with Hewlett Packard at the customer city level, corporate, and throughout Hewlett Packard Labs today.  She specializes in integrating the elements of sustainability (economic, social, and environmental positive impact) into Fortune 500’s, municipalities, federal and state government, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, while supporting the next generation in creating a global collective for a sustainable planet.  She works collaboratively with the entertainment, film, hospitality, technology, state and local municipalities, sports and retail industries, along with celebrities, researchers, government, state, and non-profit organizations, and colleges and universities to build collaborative sustainable partnerships.  She is an Executive Committee Board Member of California’s Environmental Protection Agencies’ Environmental Educational Initiative for the State where 6.2 K-12 students are on board to receive environmental education as part of their curriculum in 2011.  

Prior to founding Sustainable Business Partnerships, she was a Vice President/Partner with Haley & Aldrich and ERM, both global environmental consulting firms, where her responsibilities included Global EHS Consulting, Consortia Management, Communications, and Sustainability Services.  Prior to consulting, she was an Environmental Manager for Hewlett Packard and Waste Management (Formally Wheelabrator-Frye) both based in Hampton, NH.  She supported the first UN/US Global Water Scarcity Conference held at the University of California Irvine, has participated in national Water Policy discussions on Capitol Hill, and collaborated on the “A National Smart Water Grid – Integrated Solutions for Sustainable Fresh Water Supply” Book, authored by Ron Beaulieu.  She collectively created and implemented the D’Altorio & Dehm Pancreatic Cancer Walk for Early Detection Research.  She is an avid sailor and diver, and enjoys supporting Ocean Institute, an ocean learning laboratory for children.  Diana is committed to collectively working together on the global scale to promote sustainability education & non-traditional thinking, strategic business partnerships, positive human impact, and sharing solutions and models for creating our sustainable planet.

Tassos Polydoros, Director of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

Tassos joins Sustainable Business Partnerships and Sustainability News & Entertainment as the director of Strategic Alliances and Partnerships focused on expanding and maintaining meaningful relations and collaborations with foundations, corporations, and other organizations that have an interest in advancing sustainability. Prior to joining SBN & SNAE, Tassos enjoyed over 10 years in the wellness and hospitality industries, in various customer service, planning, and management positions. Tassos holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Policy. He is an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Orange County Chapter, and also participates in various public and private entity sustainability committees.

Christine Soboleski, Director of Sustainability Communications

Christine is the Director of Sustainability Communications for Sustainable Business Partnerships and Sustainability News and Entertainment. She comes to us from the nation's first School of Sustainability at Arizona State University and holds her Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability and Society.

As a Sustainability student, Christine has traveled around the globe to learn about environmental, societal, and economic trade-offs, sustainable community development, and sustainable tourism from large global corporations, nonprofit organizations and non-governmental organizations. She has also lent her expertise in sustainability to these organizations in the form of impact analyses, cost-benefit analyses, and overall advisement on sustainable efforts.

 In Arizona, she co-founded two organizations. The first is Real Food Challenge at ASU, a student-led effort which seeks to increase the procurement of  "real", sustainable food on university campuses to transform the larger food system. The second is Plan Milpa,  an urban farm and educational kitchen in downtown Phoenix which seeks to educate and empower students and workers.

Prior to joining our team, Christine worked in the hospitality industry, and held various marketing and public relations positions.  Christine enjoys traveling, scuba diving, surfing, cooking, and helping others.

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